making pizza


Pizza-making is a true art-form. Our dough is made using flour, yeast, salt, water and time. Every ball of dough is left alone to ferment for 24 hours before we prepare each pizza by hand with our authentic toppings.

Our pizza chef comes from a family of pizza chefs and has developed the unique skills needed to create the perfect pizza every time.


pizza fritta


Pizza Fritta is Neapolitan street food at its most authentic. It was developed after the second World War as an easy way for the people of Naples to enjoy a filling, cheap meal. Made in a similar way to calzone, two rounds of dough encase a delicious filling which is then deep-fried. Delicious.

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authentic pizza


We only top our pizzas with authentic Neapolitan flavour combinations. This is the way we eat pizza in Naples. 


inside pizzeria 1926


We look forward to wishing you a very warm welcome to Pizzeria 1926.