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In 1926 Naples Football Club was formed. And the people of Naples are just as passionate about their pizza as they are about football.

Pizzeria 1926 is the sister restaurant of Locanda de Gusti owned and run by chef Rosario Sartore and his wife Maria.

Rosario grew up in Naples where pizza was, and still is, eaten every day as an inexpensive and filling meal.


All the ingredients used at Pizzeria 1926 are fresh and simple. The very best varieties of tomatoes, burrata, mozzarella, sausage, flour and olive oil are imported from Italy, whilst meat, seafood and vegetables are sourced as locally as possible.


After World War II, food was scarce, and a regional variation of the pizza was developed in Naples - the pizza fritta. It's a delicious filled pizza that's deep-fried instead of oven-baked.

On Sundays in Naples, enterprising local women would operate pop-up pizzerias on the pavements outside their homes serving pizza fritta.

Now you can enjoy this authentic Italian street food in Edinburgh at Pizzeria 1926.



Sartore doesn’t waste time with cheap ingredients, or stint on sheer effort in the kitchen. He’s honouring Neapolitan food tradition here, but charging democratic prices for it. Back of the net!  Joanna Blythman, The Herald - score 9/10

Outstanding no-frills pizzeria serving up authentic Neapolitan pizza and street food. This spot is alive with no-frills fun, fantastic food and a real sense of place — almost as good as an Italian mini-break.  The List

My main was the Mare Kiaro pizza. It had a good billowy and crispy ring of crust, with soft dough in the centre and a dappling of ricotta, smoked mozzarella and slices of a feral and herby pork sausage. These rustic and burly flavours were lifted by the verdant bitterness provided by strands of the cruciferous vegetable that is friarelli (also known as rapini or broccoletti). Very good.  Gaby Soutar, The Scotsman - food score 8/10

Pizzeria 1926 offers friendly, laid-back and unpretentious vibes with authentic, lovingly-prepared Italian dishes, making the whole dining experience simply a joy to be a part of.  The Skinny